Best songs of the 00’s

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So, the last decade (by last decade I mean the 00’s) ended three years ago and I’ve just realized there has been so many awesome songs that I have never written about! So I figured I should make a list of the best songs of the 00’s, my version. So here goes!
1. Linkin Park – In The End. It was released in 2001; November 20, 2001 to be exact. Some sources say it was November 21, but it doesn’t really matter. Since Linkin Park is one of my favorite bands, it is going to take a lot of places here 🙂
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Being Not Together

Much has been said about the long-distance relationship and the reason of having one. Of course, it conveys a great number of difficulties and does not always lead to good results but these axioms are not of much use for those who are already involved in the relations of this kind. So, it is better to think of how to make this relationship work instead of dwelling upon its riskiness. When you are not together, regular communication becomes vitally important. You should call each other every day in some established time and use all other means of communication as well.

Try to tell your partner everything that has happened to you during the day, send photos, but avoid mentioning negative events as they will only make your partner sad. However if you need advice in some difficult situation, you should address your boyfriend in order to receive support – it will make you closer to each other and give him the feeling that he is needed.

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Addiction to bad relationships

You have been dating your partner for pretty long. But it turns out that in fact you do not enjoy your relationship. You feel desperate and unhappy. You try your best to change the situation for the better. You want to be happy being with him. But all your attempts fail. Being with your boyfriend you feel frustrated and unsatisfied. Emotionally you are not ready to break up. Simply you can not overcome your fears to stay alone. Moreover it turns out that you face the situation over and over. Some girls are even emotionally and physically abused but they can’t split with their partners. What could be actual reasons of it? Well, as it was mentioned above one of the most common reasons is your conviction you would never ever date someone else. You are sure that it would be better to stay with your partner than to be alone. Your position is wrong. Probably it happens because you are uncertain person and have a low self-esteem. If so then you need to work it out. Try to do your best to change your opinion toward your personality. Do not be afraid to accept yourself as you are and do no be afraid to break up. How could you predict what would happen to you in future? It means that you block your ability to move on.

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Elliot Erwitt

Some people think I’m dead, because I’ve been around so long/ Elliot Erwitt.

Elliot Erwitt is one of the most remarkable and probably recognizable photographers of the 20th century. If you have never heard about him, well, shame on you! But you have definitely seen his images that are mainly ironic and full of satire. And of course he has become known as an author of the most famous images of celebrities including Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly and many others. Do you remember that very popular shot when Monroe was posing during the Seven-Year Itch shooting? It was taken by Erwitt. In fact Erwitt is one of the most remarkable photographers who followed principles of Cartier-Bresson’s “decisive moment”.

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Why Princesses Are Lonely

Clever girls early understand that princes marry only princesses. That’s why they were good at studying, entered prestigious universities, learned the art of ball dancing or went in for sports, made carrier and reached throne without any additional help of kind fairies. However, it often appears so that they find themselves alone on this throne.

The main reason of this phenomenon is discrepancy between the woman’s real age and her emotional age. When all girls were falling in love and made mistakes, princesses behaved like adults, they studied and worked without leaving space for stupid things and animal instincts. Their motto sounds often like “better be alone than with a random person”. But the problem is that there age requires another emotional and sexual experience, but they refuse to accept this fact and claim that everything will come in future.

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I Am New Here

Nearly the worst nightmare imaginable is you standing in front of the crowd of strangers without any idea of what to tell them. You look ridiculous and people start laughing and pointing at you. And, on the top of it all, you are naked. This nightmare is quite similar to a real situation when you are being introduced to new team and have to produce good impression on all its members. Or, at least, any impression at all.

I was always scared of the first day in any new place. Nobody knows you, and all observe you curiously to define the species you belong to. Besides, you are surrounded with a whirlwind of new names and faces which confuse you but which you are bound to memorize immediately.

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Want to Make Your Waist Perfect? Get Ready to Start a New Life!

I have seldom met the women who were totally satisfied with her body shape. The most part of the women suppose their breasts to be too small, hips to be too wide, wast to be too thick. Their height appears to be either too tall or insufficient but no one considers herself to be perfect. The most wide-spread question asked in social networks and on the on-line forums is:” How to make my waist a perfect one?”. I know a girl whose waist is 24 inches but she is disappointed with tat figure and aims to reach the desired 21-inch waist. Another girl whose parameters are 58-36-58 doesn’t even bother her head with the question of reaching the ideal waist. Taking into account the significant size of her breasts and hips her waist is actually a perfect one.

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Photo Contests You Can Win

It is not necessary to be a professional photographer in order to participate in different photo contests. You can easily become a participant of some competitions of this kind and use them as an opportunity to reveal your talent to the world and enter a new stage of the development of your photo skills. Here are some contests you can take part in for a start.

“Photography in the Park” contest organized by Canon requires from you to take a shot of any US park or monument. The image should no be Photoshopped or present the images of people. You can post up to ten photos and then the judges will select the best of them for public voting. The first prize is Canon equipment which costs thousands of dollars. You have an opportunity to share your works till the 30th of September.

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How to choose an apartment?

Buying a house or an apartment is a tricky business. Realtors can lie, and you can get a very expensive place but at the same time it will turn out to be a pretty bad choice. Before you give them your money or even take a mortgage there are some factors you should take into account. I am going to speak about some of them here [please remember these are for people who wants to get an apartment in a city].

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A-Photo-a-Day Life Story

People will always invent something interesting and entertaining in order not to get bored from life. One of the recent trends is shooting photos during a usual day of your life, provide them with brief description and post this photo report on special Internet communities “A Day in My Life” or Live Journal to make all users the witnesses of your everyday life.

The reasons for opening your private space for the observation of the others can be different. Some of us want to receive appraise of the fullness of our life and of our personal success, the others use the method of a-photo-a-day shooting to view his or her priorities and interests in life. Besides, it allows walking in some other’s shoes through the prism of his or her photos and noticing something joyful and wonderful in ordinary life. Through these photo reports you can get involved in some other’s life without ruining your own.

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