Photo Contests You Can Win

It is not necessary to be a professional photographer in order to participate in different photo contests. You can easily become a participant of some competitions of this kind and use them as an opportunity to reveal your talent to the world and enter a new stage of the development of your photo skills. Here are some contests you can take part in for a start.

“Photography in the Park” contest organized by Canon requires from you to take a shot of any US park or monument. The image should no be Photoshopped or present the images of people. You can post up to ten photos and then the judges will select the best of them for public voting. The first prize is Canon equipment which costs thousands of dollars. You have an opportunity to share your works till the 30th of September.

SoaPhoto site organizes photo contests every month. The peculiarity of this competition is that there are no particular themes specified. You just choose one of the four categories (animals, people, nature or object/detail) and post your works there to win Samsung digital camera and equipment as it presents the first prize.

“Thirsty Photo” contest setsa specific topic for every competition, such as “signs” for instance. It is an excellent opportunity for the beginners to share their photos and receive positive or critical comments on them. The winner is selected by professional photographers and is given photography equipment as a prize. The atmosphere on the “Thirsty Photo” site is friendly, so you should not be afraid of public humiliation.

JPG Magazine contest is your chance to become famous in the world of photography as the works of the winners are published in the magazine. There are about fifty themes provided and you can post one photo per theme.

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