I Am New Here

Nearly the worst nightmare imaginable is you standing in front of the crowd of strangers without any idea of what to tell them. You look ridiculous and people start laughing and pointing at you. And, on the top of it all, you are naked. This nightmare is quite similar to a real situation when you are being introduced to new team and have to produce good impression on all its members. Or, at least, any impression at all.

I was always scared of the first day in any new place. Nobody knows you, and all observe you curiously to define the species you belong to. Besides, you are surrounded with a whirlwind of new names and faces which confuse you but which you are bound to memorize immediately.

Every time I entered a new group of people and tried to become a part of it, I found it very embarrassing, but then I understood one simple axiom – people do not watch your every step to spot where and when you will make a mistake. Most of us was in the same situation at least once and so they can understand your feelings and normally support a newbie. Others, as it is often appear, are not interested in your life and personality as they have their own problems and behavior to consider, so they are indifferent to your confusion and embarrassment. It means that you can relax – nobody watches you, people have plenty other things to do.

Another useful tip I have taken into account in the process of constant moving from town to town and from school to School respectively is that it is better to be yourself from the beginning. The first impression is the strongest one, and if you pretend you are a serious person with high objectives it will be hard for the members of your new community to accept the idea that you are a crazy party-goer. Of course, there is no need to declare on your first day of work that you have drunk a bottle of tequila and climbed the roofs the previous evening, but do not also act like you do not know the meaning of the word “fun”.

As for remembering new names, you should build strong association with every new name you here. Besides, do not be afraid to ask the name you have not heard correctly again. It is definitely better than calling somebody a “rat” instead of “Brad”, or something of this kind.

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