Want to Make Your Waist Perfect? Get Ready to Start a New Life!

I have seldom met the women who were totally satisfied with her body shape. The most part of the women suppose their breasts to be too small, hips to be too wide, wast to be too thick. Their height appears to be either too tall or insufficient but no one considers herself to be perfect. The most wide-spread question asked in social networks and on the on-line forums is:” How to make my waist a perfect one?”. I know a girl whose waist is 24 inches but she is disappointed with tat figure and aims to reach the desired 21-inch waist. Another girl whose parameters are 58-36-58 doesn’t even bother her head with the question of reaching the ideal waist. Taking into account the significant size of her breasts and hips her waist is actually a perfect one.

If the excessive fat on your flanks makes your life uncomfortable there is the point in getting rid of it. I have tried all the weight loss pills, wonder exercises, training equipment and sauna pants. But to make your waist the perfect one you should change your lifestyle dramatically.

The first helper is hoola hoop. 20 minutes of hoola hoop exercisisng per day made my waist shrink for more than 2 inches per month. Along with that I reduced the amount of the food consumed. After 5 p. m. I don’t eat anything except fat free yoghurt.

In the evening my husband and I walk no less than an hour. If the weather is rainy we play basketball in the basement. After that physical exercises I usually massage my problem zones with a rough glove and apply seaweed plasters on my hips. I used to do these procedures each day. Now I found it’s enough to fulfill this routine only twice a week.

In the weekend we go on a cycle trips and admire the views of our surroundings. Sometimes we go fishing to the local ponds. In winter my husband and I enjoy skiing.

Now I know for sure how to make your waist look perfect. One should pick up a healthy lifestyle and stick to it without making a step aside.

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