Being Not Together

Much has been said about the long-distance relationship and the reason of having one. Of course, it conveys a great number of difficulties and does not always lead to good results but these axioms are not of much use for those who are already involved in the relations of this kind. So, it is better to think of how to make this relationship work instead of dwelling upon its riskiness. When you are not together, regular communication becomes vitally important. You should call each other every day in some established time and use all other means of communication as well.

Try to tell your partner everything that has happened to you during the day, send photos, but avoid mentioning negative events as they will only make your partner sad. However if you need advice in some difficult situation, you should address your boyfriend in order to receive support – it will make you closer to each other and give him the feeling that he is needed.

You should not get offended by some minor details. When you two are separated by thousands of kilometers it is harder to reach compromise or put up a quarrel, so it is better to avoid them. If your man did not call or text you once, do not get too nervous and blame him of some imaginary misconduct.

While speaking with your partner, shift your attention from your personal problems and concentrate entirely on him. Do not do anything else when communicating with your boyfriend in order to show him how important your connection is to you.

Another essential element of long-distance relations is trust. You can not check your partner all the time so you can only trust him. Do not interrogate him about where and with whom he has been – if he finds this information important, he will tell you himself. You should be honest with him, too. Any suspects will be harmful for your relations.

Your attitude towards this relationship also plays an important role. Do not view it as a kind of estrangement – think of it as of some temporary period between your dates which you can devote to yourself and your personal needs and development. There is no universal pattern for keeping long-distance relationship last long. It is like a kind of myth or beautiful legend – if you believe in it, there is a chance that it may come true.


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