Why Princesses Are Lonely

Clever girls early understand that princes marry only princesses. That’s why they were good at studying, entered prestigious universities, learned the art of ball dancing or went in for sports, made carrier and reached throne without any additional help of kind fairies. However, it often appears so that they find themselves alone on this throne.

The main reason of this phenomenon is discrepancy between the woman’s real age and her emotional age. When all girls were falling in love and made mistakes, princesses behaved like adults, they studied and worked without leaving space for stupid things and animal instincts. Their motto sounds often like “better be alone than with a random person”. But the problem is that there age requires another emotional and sexual experience, but they refuse to accept this fact and claim that everything will come in future.

Such behavioral pattern, as it is not hard to guess, does not attract men. The attempt to return young years and do everything you had no time to complete before is not the right solution as it will look unnatural. On the one hand, you are a strong and successful woman, but on the other you do not know how to behave in male company and look as ridiculous as a teenage girl. No wonder the men are not eager to approach your throne.

Besides, the emotional immaturity can be partially explained by physiological factors – the chase of the ideal figure, diet and intensive sport course can cause delay in sexual maturation. Due to the low level of hormones such girls do not have the need for sex. So, when their sexuality reveals at last their experience tends to be null which does not make the matters any easier.

Another reason for such fairy-tale loneliness, when the woman is perfect but there is nobody to perform noble deeds in her honor is that the requirement to the candidates are too high and there is scarcely a man to meet them. The prince should be loyal only to you even if he has not met you yet, so all divorced men are automatically out of your list. He is also bound to be clever, rich, strong and brutal and whatever else you have read about princes in your childhood. But may be it is high time to grow up and turn your attention to somebody more real and less perfect after all.


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