Addiction to bad relationships

You have been dating your partner for pretty long. But it turns out that in fact you do not enjoy your relationship. You feel desperate and unhappy. You try your best to change the situation for the better. You want to be happy being with him. But all your attempts fail. Being with your boyfriend you feel frustrated and unsatisfied. Emotionally you are not ready to break up. Simply you can not overcome your fears to stay alone. Moreover it turns out that you face the situation over and over. Some girls are even emotionally and physically abused but they can’t split with their partners. What could be actual reasons of it? Well, as it was mentioned above one of the most common reasons is your conviction you would never ever date someone else. You are sure that it would be better to stay with your partner than to be alone. Your position is wrong. Probably it happens because you are uncertain person and have a low self-esteem. If so then you need to work it out. Try to do your best to change your opinion toward your personality. Do not be afraid to accept yourself as you are and do no be afraid to break up. How could you predict what would happen to you in future? It means that you block your ability to move on.

Sometimes women are afraid of to be blamed. That’s really strange but anyway it is another reason of being unable to break up. They do not want their friends and relatives to discuss their private lives. Frankly speaking it reminds old times when according to moral stances women could not break up with their husbands. Well, times are different now. Then what’s the point to depend on opinions of the others. It is senseless. The situation is getting worse when you can not leave your partner because of children. You do not love him and you simply depend on circumstances. Well, you need to overcome the feeling of guilt and your own fears. It is your life. If it is really difficult for you to realize all these things and at the same time you can’t stand it anymore then try to practice auto trainings. Some of them are quite easy and it would not take you much. But you should be persistent. You should realize that you really want it. If it doesn’t work and the situation is too complicated then you probably need psychological help. And probably it would take you much to overcome all the fears and stresses.


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