A-Photo-a-Day Life Story

People will always invent something interesting and entertaining in order not to get bored from life. One of the recent trends is shooting photos during a usual day of your life, provide them with brief description and post this photo report on special Internet communities “A Day in My Life” or Live Journal to make all users the witnesses of your everyday life.

The reasons for opening your private space for the observation of the others can be different. Some of us want to receive appraise of the fullness of our life and of our personal success, the others use the method of a-photo-a-day shooting to view his or her priorities and interests in life. Besides, it allows walking in some other’s shoes through the prism of his or her photos and noticing something joyful and wonderful in ordinary life. Through these photo reports you can get involved in some other’s life without ruining your own.

To make the photo story of your day interesting for both you and the audience you should observe some simple tips. First advice is obvious, but I will nevertheless mention it – bring the camera with you everywhere. If you decide to participate in a-photo-a-day project be ready to make the camera your constant and inseparable companion.

Then, try to focus your attention on unusual details. If you are stuck in traffic jam, shoot some funny angry face of a neighbor driver. If you are late for work, reflect it in photo of your untidy bed or a piece of sandwich you had no time to eat for breakfast. View points from the windows, people you meet, things which cheered you up during the day are worth to become the chapters of your photo report as well. A-Photo-A-Day project is an excellent opportunity to improve your photographic skills by constant practice, share the moments of your life with the rest of the worlds and make a review of your day.

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