Dreams as the Way to Understand Your Subconscious Self

Psychologists view repeated dreams as a kind of particular messages which our sub conscience sends us in order to warn us about the problems of our psychological system. It is essential to learn to understand these messages in order to realize the roots of your current stress. You can make your own analysis of your dreams with the help of the following examples.

For instance, one of the wide spread plots presents you being in some unknown place and trying to find a station to go home. Or you are already in a train, but you do not want where you are going. The railway station is a symbol of the beginning or the end of something. It means that you are entering some new stage of your personal or carrier development which makes you anxious. Or, may be you are searching for a way out from some difficult situation, so you should define what prevents you from finding it in real life.

Another popular repeated dream presents you leaving for some place and suddenly realizing that you have forgotten something – a key, or some important document. You try to find it and fear that you will be late for your train or bus. This dream means that you want to go on, but something interferes with your plans. You should analyze the details – if you forgot the key from your parents’ house, it may be your parents who make you stay, or, if it is a birth certificate the reason preventing you from leaving can be your children.

As you see, it is not difficult to analyze the dreams as important messages lie on the surface. You should just learn to understand these sub conscience signals as they indicate to what problems you should pay attention in your real life in order to get rid of stress.

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