Mistakes of Parents

Love of parents has no limits and they wish to transmit the best things possible to their children with their endless love. Every parent wants to bring up a kind, fair, brave and confident person. We are lucky if our parents used to bring us up the right way. But sometimes the people may have various fallacies concerning the parental love. If one knows the main principles of upbringing that may help him to avoid the most common mistakes in mentoring their children.

  • Some parents consider there is no need to hide that they have expected a child of another sex. Moreover they may even dress up a boy in the girlish clothes and vice versa. In that way the parents try to make their failed dream still come true. Though today the modern technologies allow to find out the sex of an unborn child long before the birth there is still place for a mistake. A child will become aware of he bitterness of the situation when he or she tries to find the niche in the company of the mates. Children of the same sex are likely to accept such child with great difficulties. Children of the opposite sex may develop the suspicious attitude towards the odd one. The child whose parents used to bring him or her up in the manner more appropriate for the opposite sex will experience great hesitation in defining the signs of male or female attractiveness.
  • It’s a pity but there are the parents who try to change their child’s personality to meet their own preferences. The problem is that they not only suppose their child to be the “wrong” one but also tell about it their friends and relatives. Such children are likely to develop a pile of various fixations and prejudices. Dwelling on their negative experience of communicating with parents such children tend to suppose themselves to be a heavy burden for everyone. Gradually these thought may grow more and more disturbing.

  • Some people don’t pay attention when their small children try to share their problems with them. Failing to tie a lace or hitting a target with a ball may seem to be a piece of cake for a grown-up but it’s a real obstacle for a toddler. And later when this toddler turns into a teenager sharing problems with parents will become more difficult. The child gets accustomed to the thought that there is no need to open himself to his parents at all.
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