Signs And Mechanisms of Addiction

The main feature of the addictive syndrome is the need to consume the psychoactive substance (drugs, alcohol, tobacco or drastic remedies) or fulfill the certain activity (gambling, computer gaming, surfing on the internet) that helps the addict to reach the short state of euphoria.

The people who show three or more signs of being addicted from the following list are in the risk group of the ones who are likely to develop an addiction.

  • Strong wish of feeling of necessity to take the drastic substance in or perform some definite type of activity.
  • Inability to control the process of consuming medication, alcoholic beverages or performing the certain activity.
  • Physiological symptoms of the abstinent syndrome. The person who doesn’t receive the regular dose of the drastic substance may feel unpleasant intensive heart beating, have high or low blood pressure, start covering with cold sticky sweat and develop other negative symptoms. The neurotoxic substance abusers (those who consume for example alcohol, drugs or drastic medicines) tend to take attempts to treat themselves using the same substance in a smaller dose or using the similar substance. The heavy drinkers may feel better after the alcohol intoxication if the drink a bottle of beer.
  • The organism of addicts becomes resistant to the customary dose of the substance.
  • Abandoning of other interests to have more time for addictive sphere activity.
  • Continuing fulfilling the same actions or taking the same substances in eve in the case the first signs of health decline appear.

The addicts become aware of their state when they try to give up computer gaming, gambling, drinking or taking excessive amounts of sleeping pills. During the abstinence from consuming the neurotoxic substance or addictive activity the addicted person may show either physical or mental disorders. Sometimes all these symptoms are being manifested at one time. The alcoholics may fall into the state of disturbed consciousness, show the signs similar to the ones of imbecility, experience vivid hallucinations and shake their limbs.

There are two mechanisms of developing an addiction.

  • The first one is called biochemical mechanism. The most part of the organism changes leading to developing an addiction are caused by the alternation of enzyme, receptor and transport systems of a human body.

  • The psychological mechanism of developing an addiction is connected with the discrepancy of the ideal personal seeing of the world and actual objective reality. The addicts try to escape from misfortunes and strikes of the reality with the help of certain actions or substances.
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